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Agape Missionary Church was founded in the Basement of Pastor and Sister Hurd, at 14483 E. 47th Avenue, Denver Colorado on December 12, 1992. It was founded by Pastor Hurd along with 13 other saints who gathered together for Bible Class and service. Church politics and unethical practices caused these saints to believe God for a better way and because of this, after prayer and discussion these 14 individuals came together and chartered the Agape Missionary Church. Agapeo is the Greek word for unconditional love and this was the basis of the church commitment to each other and to God.

The church has been a Bible based church with strong emphasis on Bible study, worship and personal relationships. The strength of the fellowship is the love shared between the saints and their commitment to each other and God. After several months we believed that the Lord wanted us to have a meeting place and by faith we moved into the Chambers Road Shopping Center where we held services. Although small in number we continued to strive for excellence and service and the Lord blessed us richly. We believed in teaching and preaching the word of God to produce change in individual lives and knew that the Lord was directing us to a more excellent way. In May of 1996 the Lord sent a couple from Los Angeles, California to Denver. Who would have known how this couple would impact the course that God had set for this ministry. Bro. Frank Brevard introduced Pastor Hurd to Bishop DL Jones , overseer of the Living Gospel Church and in June 1996 Bishop Jones came to Denver to run a revival. Bishop Jones preached the message of the Holy Ghost with such a conviction that Pastor Hurd and Brother Hubert Hall felt compelled to investigate this message further. This led to our affiliation with The Living Gospel Church which we are now ​a part.

Under the guidance and oversight of Bishop Jones the church has moved into their present sanctuary and have our sights set on even greater accomplishments. It has been a long journey from the Basement of 14483 E. 47th Avenue to 1590 Chester Street, Aurora CO. Our commitment to the Lord and each other has allowed us to grow spiritually and numerically. We are a church that believes in being led by the spirit and believing in the power of God to transform believers into saints.

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